Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Fa'a Samoa- Ten Food Facts About Samoa

This week Room 9 are reading the non-fiction book 'Fa'a Samoa'.
Today we read the chapter 'Ten Food Facts about Samoa'.
Here are some of the facts we found out:
  • Samoans often eat with their hands- Vrushti
  • Oka is raw fish with coconut cream- Grayson
  • They have special dinners with their families on Sunday- Dylan
  • Palusami is taro cooked with coconut cream and wrapped in taro leaves- Tanisha
  • Samoan food can be cooked in an umu, wrapped in banana leaves. An umu is hot rocks on top of the ground used for cooking the food- Jack
  • They have a beef noodle dish like chop suey called sapasui- Isaac
  • In Samoa people grow their own vegetables and fruit in their gardens- Georgia

We then worked with a partner to research 5 food facts about a country of our choice. Here are some of the other food facts we learnt today:
  • French fries is the number one fast food in the Netherlands and is served with a variety of sauces- Georgia and Ashley
  • Rice was the first grain that people farmed in China- Vrushti and Caroline
  • A young Australian chemist known as Cyril Callister invented Vegemite- Jack
  • Red chilli, black pepper, capsicum and garam masala are some of the popular Indian spices. They are also used to make medicines- Janya, Tanisha and Krisha
  • Potatoes are the most popular food in Ireland- Jason
  • China is easily the world's largest producer of watermelon- Caroline and Vrushti
  • The great Aussie meat pie is a cultural icon- Dylan
  • According to Indian food theory, our food has 6 different flavours; sweet, salty, butter, sour, astringent (sharpy, really bitter) and spicy- Dhruvi, Anoushka and Shreya

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