Sunday, 12 March 2017

Glow Worm Caves

On Friday, Room 9 took a virtual trip to the Waitomo glow worm caves.

 We talked with our partners about what we observed and chose different ways to express our ideas in writing. 
Here are some examples of our independent writing about the glow worms using our chosen genres.

Glow Worms Shine- Song Lyrics by Anoushka

Glow worms glow
Shine so bright
Glow worms glow
Shine through the night
Glow worms glow
You should know how pretty you are
Shine through the night like a diamond in the sky
You look like shooting stars wherever you are
You show how beautiful you are

Glow Worms- A description by Mujtaba

The blue lightening was going around and around. 
It was floating away. 
It went up, up into the sky. 
So up and up I can't see it.

The Sparkling Glow Worm Cave- 
Diary of A Glow Worm by Ashley

Dear Diary,
Today lots of people came to see me and my millions of crazy cousins. They thought we were sparkling melting ice cubes. After they took a closer look they couldn't stop observing our spiky zig-zaggy bodies! When it was almost misty midnight we lit up our star shaped wiggly bodies to guide them out of our sparkling cave.

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