Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sina and the Eel

Room 9 have been reading the book 'Sina and the Eel'.

In the book, the eel provides the people of Samoa with coconut trees to say sorry for his demanding behaviour. The people use the tree and its fruits to make fales, for weaving mats and baskets and for drinks and food.
Today we decided to work on our extended abstract thinking by trying to create other uses for the coconuts.

Here are some of our ideas:

I created a coconut vase- Anoushka
I created a boat out of the coconut husk and sails out of the leaves- Janya
I carved toys for children out of the coconut husk- Caroline
I designed a doll made out of the coconut shell and the hair is made out of the leaves- Vrushti
I created a coconut dress using the shell and weaving the leaves for a skirt. I also made drums out of the shells for dancing to- Advika
I made a coconut drink hat with a straw attached- Dylan
I built a water slide using the shells, trunk and leaves- Neelansh

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  1. To room 9
    I love the way you used adjectives in your writing about coconuts and different ways how you would use them.