Wednesday, 24 May 2017


In Art, we have been learning about colour theory. We have explored the colour wheel, identifying primary colours, then using these to create secondary colours. We discussed cool and warm colours and colours that compliment each other.
Today we explored tint and shade.
 Tint is the mixture of a colour with white, which increases lightness, and shade is the mixture of a colour with black, which reduces lightness or makes it darker.
We chose a base colour and experimented with the tints and shades we could create.

In Writing, we are learning how to enhance our descriptions by writing metaphors.
We chose a colour and then created metaphors to describe that colour.
We used these ideas to write poems.

Here is a slideshow of all our colour poetry.

We have published our poems ourselves on Google docs and are now going to back them onto the shades and tints we created today in Art.
Pop into Room 9 soon to see our completed display­čśä


  1. daniel room 115 June 2017 at 15:58

    i like the mix with light red and dark red

  2. Amazing colour poetry skills by all kids.

  3. Love the ideas Room 9!