Wednesday, 10 May 2017

John Logie Baird Biographies

Room 9 have been researching famous inventors. We were particularly interested in finding out who invented the TV. We discovered that more than one person was working on inventing the television at the same time. One of those people was a Scottish engineer called John Logie Baird. Although he is not credited with inventing TV as we know it now, he did help to make television possible and we admired his perseverance.
We took notes about his life and journey as as an inventor and used our notes to write biographies. 
We are now working on publishing our biographies by either making a paper based book, creating a Google Doc or orally publishing our work using Puppet Pals.
Here are some of the biographies that have been completed so far;


  1. Interesting facts to the kids at an early age. Was greatly impressed when my kids explained about TV inventions to family friends. Thank you, Miss. Walsh!

  2. Good Job with the summary of John's life, I really liked the way you included his earlier jobs, next time could maybe include what his illness was? Overall great summary